Question for updating to most recent CFP v3 release from older v3 release

I am currently running CFP When I originally installed it a few months ago, I enabled the “automatic updates” option, and thus assumed I was good for future updates. After browsing the Comodo web site recently, I noticed on the download page a note specifying, “Automatic updates for versions and are not available”. I’m assuming that explains the discrepancy between the version I’m currently running and the most recent release (, May 30, 2008). Since the version I’m currently running is not able to auto update on its own to future releases, do I need to just download the current release setup file (, and simply install it over my existing version, or do I need to actually uninstall what I have now (, and then run the setup file for the current release? I came across some rather detailed and involved explanations on what was required to uninstall Comodo (registry mods, etc.) in this forum, and was hoping that I didn’t need to go through all of that.

I am currently running Win XP SP3 (Home), w/ Avast antivirus.

You do need to do a complete uninstall to get the latest version. Download and install Revo Uninstaller. Then use it to uninstall Comodo in advanced mode. When Comodo says reboot,don’t and click next on Revo. Delete the left over registry and program entires it finds then reboot. Use CCleaner registry cleaner then reboot. The thread about Compressive uninstall is only for people who have trouble uninstalling Comodo.

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The version gap you have is too far, so uninstallation of the existing then an installation of the new version is the best way to go. I would backup the settings just in case, but I’m not sure if they’re importable on the new version. The comprehensive uninstall guide is only for those who have problems with the regular method in the Add/Remove in Control Panel etc.

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