Question for Kyle in regard to his CIS Guides (Def+ settings)

I just did a clean reinstall of v3.13.120417.573 After succesfully rebooting and setting my personal browser,Pro-Active Defence, etc rules, I then went to apply your guides in the Guides section of these forums. All went well but I noticed that when I went to apply the rule for Defence+>Advanced>Image Execution Control Settings>Files to Check, I noticed that the pre set three files *.exe, *.bat, *.com remain highlighted and the new executables which appear below are greyed out. Is it the meaning that the original three should be deleted for the new rule executables to take effect?.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Is Kyle no longer a member of the Comodo team?.


Kyle is just a normal forum member and, as such, he is under no obligation to reply.

Be nice if he did, though. :wink:

Thanks Clockwork, your reply is very clear and now I have also checked in Def+ and can see that the files mentioned have been set.