Question for comodo firewall

just want to know if comodo firewall is compatible with vista?

also is it compatible with pccillin internet security 2007 + Superantispyware?

i want to run that 3 monster in my laptop.

appreciate any info.


CFP version 3 will be Vista compatible, but it isn’t due to be released to public beta until May 14th.

Ewen :slight_smile:

thanks for the info.

btw, hows pccilin internet security + comodo firewall compatibility.

PCCillin IS has integrated firewall. I wouldn’t recommend running two FWs, if that is your question. If you’re asking about comparing them as FWs, PCCillin’s does rank very high in independent testing, there is only one at the top of the list, and that’s Comodo (and not even the most current version).


that’s why i want to install comodo firewall…a read a lot of good review for this software.

why its not advisable to run Pccillin IS + Comodo FW? actually i also have Superantispyware installed. So im running now PCCillin +SAS…just waiting for comodo fw (vista ready).

Because 2 FW’s = Bad Luck.

Probability of Conflict = 99%

Conflict = but not limited to: slow computer, slow internet, driver crashes leading to BSODs, other unexplainable issues, and so on, so forth

so am i good with PCcillin IS + SuperAntispyware PRo?

i really dont want to rely only on Pccillin, thats why i ask a lot. sorry for that newbie here.

i’m still thinking another option, that is Kaspersky AV + SAS Pro + Comodo FW.

I thought this was about “Question for comodo firewall”. Maybe you need to modify the topic title to “Questions for comodo firewall”. ;D

If you’re only limited to the above 2 options, this would be the better alternative IMO because I’m not a security suite fan. I used to have SAS free (fairly recently) and no conflicts for sure, considering it’s only an antispyware. However, there have been mixed reports of KAV and CFP compatibility. There lots of users who recommend installing KAV before CFP to avoid conflicts, but this is something only you can confirm as every system setup is different.

anyway bottomline is i can’t use pccillin IS + comodo FW because its not recommended to run two FW :frowning:

i’ll just use my pccillin IS '07 + SAS Pro. maybe i’m good with this two, eventhough i like to have comodo FW (vista) (L)

I see what you mean. Since you have Vista right now, it’s sensible to keep PCCillin for now until CF 3 is finalized.

i’ll wait 'till may 14 for comodo ver. 3

btw, is it ok if i have SAS Pro and comodo FW (vista) only…or i need to install anti virus software or i’ll just turn off my Pccillin firewall (:CLP)

hope theres no compatability issue if i turned pccillin firewall and use comodo fw. :THNK

Please note 2 important facts: 1) Software release dates are known to change 2) This date is for the beta (not final) version, so take caution that you don’t install it on a production computer.

I don’t have Vista, so I don’t know if it’s necessary to install an AV. Besides, this always depends on your background experience/knowledge/etc.

Disabling a firewall is not the same as uninstalling it because its driver can still be loaded before Windows boots and there’s still that conflict possibility.

if thats the case, im good with pccillin IS and SAS Pro.

geez! i really want to use comodo FW

It’s like having to choose between the milk and ■■■■ bottle…both are tempting.

just talk to pccilin representative…

i can un install my pccilin firewall only and use other firewall.

hows that?

…just waiting for vista ver of comodo :THNK