question for about comodo DNS..

i got a question. i just recently installed Comodo Firewall and DNS from the free comodo internet security. how would i change back to my original IP if i were to ever have a problem? how do i know if it even switched to the comodo DNS? im new to this product and to internet security. any help will be much appreciated.

Hello Sam, are you using XP or vista?

For XP go to

Start → Control panel → Network connections → Properties → Tcp protocol → Properties

Start → Control panel → Network → Network and sharing → Manage network connections. Right click on your connection and click properties. → Internet protocol version 4 → Properties.

This should list the DNS server If you want to revert back to default settings just click “Aquire DNS server automatically”

Hope this helps…

thanks. one thing tho. the dns listed is 156 154 70 22 and 156 154 71 22. Are these the ones that Comodo provides? and instead of “Acquire DNS server automatically” it says “Obtain DNS Address Automatically”. is it the same? im thinking it is. is it gonna affected the fact that i have verizon as my internet provider? i mean my internet is already kind of fast i hope that this doesn’t slow it down.

These instructions can be found in CIS’ Help, Miscellaneous/Help/Appendix 1 Comodo Secure DNS Service.


The HTML help file of CIS you explained in detail. For both versions of Windows XP and Vista, under the section Appendix 1 Comodo Secure DNS Service.