Question Concerning CIS

Just a quick question.
Per my post here:;msg724037#msg724037

Does ANYONE know of a way to SERIOUSLY reign in the amount of memory CAVWP.EXE uses when running? ???
I mean I have ONLY 1GB of RAM, and it is absolutely ABSURD that is just HAS TO suck up ALL of the available RAM while it runs. Pretty much brings my machine to a stand still. >:(
It runns at really weird times (NO scheduled runs AT ALL), and also when it “updates” the definitions as well it just plays Dracula with my RAM and sucks it dry. >:-D

This behavior is starting to make me more and more want to just ditch it completely. Sad part is I really love the firewall component, BUT it does not play well with an alternate I have for AV, nor does getting rid of the Comodo AV component get rid of CAVWP.EXE.

PLEASE any help here???

How did you try to get rid off the AV? The royal way is to use the Add and remove components option. It can be found in the start menu under the CIS entry.

I know how to remove it. BUT, CAVWP.EXE still is there even AFTER removal of the AV. And once, I just installed ONLY the FW and it STILL was there.
Also, the AV of choice for me is Avast, and it has NEVER played nice with Comodo FW.
I also believe I at one time had issues with Comodo FW and my #2 choice for AV which is Avira.
I will have to dig some more and hopefully come up with something. As I have stated I prefer Comodo FW, but if it won’t play nice I will have to get another FW.

I was simply just hoping that Comodo had SOME way to reign in CAVWP.EXE’s OVERuse of available memory. And YES, it is OVERuse. I stated I have had various combos of AV & FW, and NONE of the combinations EVER used that much memory.
Comodo should SERIOUSLY consider doing something about that. Either some sort of automatic system where it can sense what is available memory wise and lower its usage accordingly, or a manual setting where the user can choose how much it is allowed to use.


I haven’t used Comodo Firewall only for quite a while now (since the release of CIS 3.5) so I cannot speak from experience but it strikes me as truly odd cavwp.exe is running with Firewall only installation. It might even be considered a bug.

What do you mean with Comodo Firewall does not work nicely with Avast? To work successfully with Avast the Webshield in Avast AV needs to be disabled because it acts as a local proxy nullifying the use of Comodo and other firewalls.

Can you see what happens when you cavwp.exe to the exclusions of Avast?

I presume ‘cavwp.exe’ is most likely required for the file rating system even on FW only installs.
I have previously PMed Staff to confirm this with no reply, so I have sent a reminder.
cavwp.exe running without av component, Comodo Firewall 6.3