Question: CID with Australis GUI?

Hi all,

I wanna make a question about CID future releases.

I don’t know when a new Comodo IceDragon version will be released. However I wanna ask developers if they’re gonna use Australis interface now that Mozilla Firefox 29 is being delivering with it.

I don’t even know if you people care about users opinion. If you do, then I’ll let you know my vote is: no, please don’t use Australis, just keep the current GUI.

Just to put this in context: on one hand, both Pale Moon & Cyberfox web browsers creators said Australis won’t be applied to these products —in the specific case of Pale Moon, Australis won’t be implemented until next October at least—; while on the other hand, TenFourFox unstable (26-29) [scroll down] is already using Australis.

What direction will CID take: Australis or not Australis?

Thank you.

Guys behind SeaMonkey are not implementing Australis either.

Inquiring minds want to know; some things will get broken if they migrate to the Austalis route. It really depends on which path they’re going to take in that regard.

I didn’t want to bog the forum down with that, but since you have now broached to topic, I’m dog-piling on.

  • :-TU no Australis GUI please if it is possible… Comodo IceDragon GUI is unique!