Question by kara (German user forum) - any ideas?

I’ll try to translate her question here:

Hello, I recently did a french reinstall of CIS. Since then, Sandbox has quit asking for any program to be executed within SB, it simply does. I'm pretty sure to have configured anything as I had it before that recent reinstall.


As I (ol’ REBOL me, that is) only recently have been using the SB function of CIS, I’m asking you to possibly give any hints?
Has there been any significant change in CIS’ Sandbox handling of files during one of the more recent updates?
Or are there any bugs known at the moment?

Thanks for any help, I will translate any helpful advisories.

Kind regards, REBOL. :slight_smile:

btw. the German CIS surface, which I normally don’t use, in fact doesn’t make any mention of “auto” as in “AUTO-sandbox” (English surface), could it be that causing kara’s problem?
Maybe the German translation isn’t up to date?