Question before taking the plunge.


I use the great 3rd party multi-boot tool BootIt NG, which resides in a small MBR from with it loads the selection screen where you choose which OS to boot, my question is :

How does CTM integrate iitself up installation, does it affect the MBR in any way, is it compatible with 3rd party multi-boot managers please ?

According to support site for Rollback Rx (CTM’s daddy)
“RollBack Rx has a pre-OS recovery console, called the sub-system. It resides in the very first sector of the hard disk. This first sector is known as the MBR (master boot record). This pre-OS recovery console is the heart of RollBack Rx, and is a required component. . . . RollBack Rx can not have its MBR Modified by a third party application.”

So, I’d towel off and avoid the plunge.

Bootit NG uses the EMBR. It has initial code in the MBR for loading from the EMBR which may or may not work with CTM. Create a sector backup image of you system before if you feel like trying it out.