Question based on Matousec's Proactive Security Challenge 64 results

Good Job again Comodo :slight_smile: Anyone knows if enhanced protection mode was enabled during these test?


Proactive Security Challenge 64 results link:

Those test are done always with the best settings possible, so the default settings of CIS will score much lower. Take a look to the methodology.

Indeed you are right. Thanks m8. It seems that the 6% failure is about self-defense attacks.

That’s why I always use the Proactive Security Configuration and not the default Internet Security Configuration.

Has anyone here posted results of matousec’s Security Software Testing Suite 64 on CIS 6?

I’m interested in this.

I would use proactive security if it wouldn’t make certain alerts disappear on my Windows 8 machine =/
Edit: The strangest things always happen on my computer, I have issues like the one I just talked about, and I’ve had it constantly since V6 was released, yet now when I try to record them… works just fine! I have a feeling CIS is trolling me but then knows when I record it and hence stops trolling temporarily…

There is a bug report for alerts only showing up for less than a second. Your problem sounds like a variation. If you can find a pattern you could file that as a bug.

Something seems fishy here. ???

First off, why does the test say version 5.3 now, when it was version 5.9 that was tested the last time I checked. And second, there is no mention of any new test being done in the Proactive Security challenge 64 news section.

Something is definitely odd! Why would they test an older version months after testing a newer version??

Edit. I didn’t realize that the 5.3 version was the 32 bit version that was tested. My mistake, I thought I was looking at the 64 bit test of version 5.3 which never existed. :-[

That’s the thing, it apparently doesn’t have a pattern, and it drives me insane! For example now everything is working fine when running proactive security…
Whenever it happens, the alerts start going in a loop and that in combination with the alert sound… it makes my eye twitch.
Edit: this is off topic though so lets stop it here unless you need/want to say something ^^‘’

For V6,

BB: No Administrative rights

HIPS: Administrative rights

virtualization (all sandbox levels): Administrative rights

lol @ bumping 1 year old thread.

maybe some listed companies do not want to test their security suites.

Actually, rather than start a new topic, I asked a valid variant question about Matsousec Suite 64 and CIS 6 (which didn’t exist back then).
It was followed by off-topic answers–and you.

It’s not available yet. Matousec staff told me that they will post it soon after they do the test.

Edit: The results will be available on their site not the Comodo forum. No date for it as yet.

Correct me if wrong, I believe the SSTS64 Test Suite is a free download, here:

I don’t really have a machine I can test it on. That’s why I asked if anyone else had.

You have to compile it. It has the source module to all the tests it says as well on the web site…
I maybe mistaken…it talks about it on their webpage.But in the 7z file i see binaries…

The strange thing is dat v6.0 lost 2% in the latest test:

That makes me wonder if v6.0 is as secure as v5.X.

I’m sorry to hear that Comodo has failed the matousec proactive challenge. When can we expect 100% protection?

100%= pass
<100%= fail

After quite a long time we have a new version of Comodo Internet Security here in Proactive Security Challenge 64. Comodo Internet Security confirmed its number one position on the field of Windows proactive security once again. Although it lost 2 % points comparing to its previously tested version, it is still the only product that reached over the 90% bar. 92% score for today for Comodo. Congratulations!

??? :o ???

It always gets Excellent rating.
What would you say about others if this one is failure?

Devs,Malware Sample Department all the way to the Head of The Comodo CIS 6 Development Department have been made Aware of these results…I just Sent the email. And they are aware and have the Matousec Proactive 64 Security Challenge Testing Suite Tool in there Hands as well now also so they may test themselves!
Give it time. the next build maybe possible a 100% have not heard this. Just positive thinking, Speculation

;D :-TU