Question about your firewall [RESOLVED]

I’ve been using Comodo Personal Firewall since early December and I have a few questions:

I heard that your firewall installs a hidden toolbar in IE, although I have my doubts but is this true? Click here for more details

Comodo Firewall seemed to consume much more memory at start-up. For me Comodo consumed more than 30 Mb of my RAM. Is there any way that I can drop the memory usage a bit?

I apologize for any inconvience.

The Answer for your question is simply No. Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF) never installs any Freeware along with it. I have also had a check with one of my testing machine, where the CPF is configured and the memory consumption seems to be constant even after increasing the Security Level up to HIGH. You can see the this on your “Performance Tab” in Windows Task Manager!. If you could, please send us ( the Information about the OS and Service Pack (Other softwares) that you have installed on your machine. If you feel that CPF causes this during the startup, I would request trying to remove the CPF from the startup and have it tested, and there will not be any difference.

I have version 2 on both of my computers and memory usage is 30+mb. If you have all of the app behavior monitor checked in the advanced that is going to take more resources.

Some antispyware tools detect that TrustToolbar is a spyware program. Comodo firewall uses a registry key that TrustToolbar also uses and this is what is detected. The firewall does not install a toolbar.

The TrustToolbar got called a spyware because of the way it collected information on visited websites - as it was an anti-phisihing tool and changed the 404 error message in Internet Explorer (the same as what Google toolbar also does). Therefore, some antispyware companies wrongly started adding it to their definition. You will find that some of the bigger more well known anti spyware tools (Ad-Aware, Spybot, Windows Defender etc.) do not detect this as spyware.


Thank you for all of the quick responses.

I have another question: The logs that Comodo Firewall records for security events. Do they get deleted automatically when you shut down the PC or do we clear them manuelly?

No ,comodo logs up to 5MB by default.There is a dropdown menu to change this and also to view today,last 7 days,30 days.Just right click in gui and click clear all.Hope this helps.tim

Interesting, cause when I shut down my PC and boot it again the next day, all my logs are gone, I was wondering if they were deleted or if they were moved.

If the log was set to show alerts just for today you won’t see any logs for the next day. If you change this to last 7 days or 30 days I believe you will see al the logs from previous days - unless you have cleared the logs by doing what timcan stated above.

Once the logs reach 5MB or what ever limit you set they will start to be deleted as each new activity is logged.