Question about virtual kiosk

When I run my web browser in virtual kiosk, and download files. It looks as if the files are downloaded into the download folder, but when I quit virtual kiosk the file is not in the download folder, because all files are virtually stored. The question is if comodo wipes the files after I quit virtual kiosk or if it just deleted the file in a normal way?

Does virtual kiosk wipe the files properly (overwrite a few passes to truelly get rid of it) ?

It’s located somewhere in [b]C:\VTRoot[/b] (hidden folder) and the contents are not removed even when you close Virtual Kiosk, you have to go to CIS and click Reset Sandbox in order to delete the data however it does a normal delete if I remember correctly, i.e not a “secure delete”.

To save data from the Virtual Kiosk (Or Fully Virtualized Sandbox in general) you can save it to the Shared Space or set up your own access exclusions in the CIS settings.

That sounds very bad, if it is not removed then the data can be stolen, unless virtual kiosk encrypts the data. If it doesn’t A> encrypt the data and B> don’t even wipe the data it is a serious security issue.

Even worse, if it performs a normal delete after virtual kiosk quits, you can’t wipe the data manually, because the file headers are gone. This adds up the top of “the cake” of security issues. You’d have to manually recover the files and then wipe it.

Like I said, the virtual kiosk does not delete the data when you exit it, you have to manually clean it either by using Reset Sandbox from CIS or by manually cleaning it yourself.

This topic might be of interest to you.

Remember that you can create wishes for things you want to see implemented in CIS here, remember to post it in the required format though.

Edit: My personal opinion is that it would be nice with data encryption for the sandbox, secure deletion of the data and being able to set it up to do a secure deletion once the virtual kiosk is closed.

perdon me to ask this but when you are speaking "data encryption for the sandbox " is it not like Cloud ?


By the way, I am having a problem getting Virtual Kiosk to start. I reinstalled the OS. I use Windows 7. Virtual Kiosk loads perfectly when using Windows 7 SP1. But if you install any critical update after SP1, Virtual Kiosk loads “forever” and refuse to start, also refuse to stop once it is loading, I have to force shut down the computer every time.

I tried re-installing Windows 7 two times, Virtual Kiosk works with Service Pack 1, but not when you install any critical updates after that, then it refuses to load.

Need help.