Question About Virtual Kiosk

I’m wondering, when using the Virtual Kiosk, do all of the other components of CIS 6 (behavior blocker, hips, antivirus, etc.) still function inside of the virtual environment? Just curious, as I use the Kiosk for online banking and shopping. Thanks!

Hello! Good Q. It’s a no. BB, HIPS and AV don’t function in the VK. But you are still safe against keyloggers in the VK to do banking.

Thanks for confirming that. I’m just wondering if I’m better off from a security standpoint doing my shopping and banking outside of the Kiosk, given the loss of CIS functionality in that environment. Is the fact that I’m safe from keyloggers inside the Kiosk enough to offset the fact that the rest of the CIS protection isn’t active? I would appreciate any input on that.

It really comes down to choice. So think what is more convenient for you.