Question about v6.0 A/V update number?.

Not sure what happened before but somehow I pressed enter before I was ready in my other post, perhaps a mod could delete it.

I have just installed CIS v6.0 I have set it up after Chirons tutorial at Gizmo’s. I have set my Bittorrent rule and everything is working fine. Unlike some people I like the widget but I do have a probable dumb question in that I cannot see where to find out which number of A/V update is installed. In v5.12 it was on the About page with the version number. I found a page with the CIS version number but although it says the A/V is up to date it doesn’t say which number the update has.

If you click on the question mark icon it will have an option for About. Inside of this it will give you the AV version number.

By the way, you can always edit your old posts. There is an edit option.

Got it Chiron, thanks again.

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