question about uTorrent [RESOLVED]

hi , i use utorrent 1.7.7 and i dunno if i need make the rules manually or just put D+ and firewall in training mode .
so what should I do for utorrent works best ?

Just add it as a trusted application and you’ll have no problems ;D

It all depends. Are you behind a hardware firewall? Read here. Do not follow Mr.O. You need specific rules to make uTorrent turn green.

I dont use hardware firewall , I just use 1 firewall and It’s CFP3 .

Well aslong as your modem doesnt have a hardware firewall then use that link I sent you.

I followed the utorrent guide .
I use router and opened there the port of utorrent .
utorrent is turned green but download speed is low (30-50kb/s)
any ideas ?

Aslong as its green your good. Speeds depend on the number of seekers and leechers. See uTorrents site for an explaination. So you do have a hardware firewall especially if you have a router.

do you mean I have built-in hardware firewall in the router?
If yes , I need do something with it ?

btw, my router is RTA 1025w .

Of course you do. Most routers do. My 2Wire Gateway DSL modem does. Check your manufactures website. You can get into the settings by typing 192.168…some other numbers. Its made by Dyanlink?

Is this what you have.

Yes I have it : .
I can get into the settings by typing

Well then you should be able to get into your firewall settings and all other settings also. A hardware firewall is your best line of defense.

Ok, Vettetech ty much for your help ,now all work great .

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