Question about the summary page.

New to the product and the forums. Hello and I like the product, thank you for your efforts.

now my questions:

  1. Under the network defense section of the summary page it says:

“The firewall has blocked ____ intrusion attempt(s) so far”

is there any way I can see what is attempting to intrude? The number is continually increasing.

  1. In the 3rd pane for proactive defense it says:

“The Defense + has blocked 2 suspiscious attempt(s) so far.”

When I check the defense plus event log, nothing is there. Am I looking in the wrong place?

JOe K.

The intrusion attempts are often normal network traffic. The View Network Events page may only show the most recent events, so you might want to click the More button to see a week’s worth of events. You will see a number of attempts to connect to your computer, specifying the target application, protocol and ports. Some of these will be from your ISP, telco, Microsoft and often from forums that you subscribe to. None are crucial and there is also the possibility that there will be traffic from worms that are circulating on the net.
The comment about clicking More for the firewall also applies here. Suspicious attempts only means that the programs that attempted to do something did not have the necessary permission. You may want to give it to them the next time an alert from them appears (click Trusted Application if you want it to have broad permissions - you would have to edit the entry under Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy if you want to only give it a few permissions.

Thanks for the prompt reply. All of my questions are answered