Question about the “Remember my answers…” checkbox


Sometimes the alert window contains more than one alert (you have “1/2” for example after the checkbox).

Do I need to check the check box for each alert, or checking the first one will be applied for all alerts?

Thank you very much,

Welcome to the forum, Tal.

Good question for a newbie :). Depending on your Alert Frequency level that you set, the number can vary. By default, it only checks for TCP and UDP connections on the Low level. Whatever you select (Allow or Deny) once will apply to the remaining alerts with the remember option enabled. This is assuming the subsequent alerts are of the same type.

If you let the alert stay on your screen longer, you should also notice the “1/2” becoming like “1/5” as an example. It’ll keep increasing because the program in question makes multiple connection attempts.

In essence, it really does not matter which # of the alerts you select with the remember option (e.g. the 4th alert of 7 alerts in total); it will affect all of them.