Question about the rating scan

When I run the rating scan, I do get 6 files that are unknown. (I have done this a few weeks ago). I have submitted the files for analysis to Comodo, by using CIS.
Now a few weeks later I have run the rating scan again and the 6 files are still unknown. If I do an scan at, Comodo (and all other AV) don’t detecting any treat (file is clear). Is everything working correctly with the Rating Scan and submitting the files for analysing to Comodo? I am using CIS:

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Edvz, I have the same question, was just about to raise it and saw yours.

I have actually submitted a few files using the submission process within CIS and most were OK’d within a week to 10 days, but sometimes much quicker, say 2-3 days. But…

A few files that are unrecognised I uploaded, like you, to Virustotal and Comodo already is showing them as OK there. This is weird behaviour, the 2 should be in sync with each other, I really want to know what’s going on because I don’t want to spend time checking these sorts of things manually. Here is one example of an unrecognised file despite lookup, but showing OK on VT -

Any expert can answer our queries please?

You get unknown/unrecognized rating because the file is not present in the cloud or it wasn’t analyzed (eg due to large amounts of requests).
However, you can prioritize / speed up the process by submitting it under Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2016 topic. Alternatively, you could use Valkyrie service in order to get a fast verdict.

Thanks qmarius, but is anything being done to speed up the sync across all these, it all seems a bit disconnected and a bit unprofessional of Comodo - I say this as a user since 2006.

Users of CIS should be getting the updates / rating just as fast as they are available in Virustotal. It leaves me wondering whether on the Virustotal link that Comodo may simply be saying OK to unrecognised files and only flagging known and analysed threats?

I’ve just gone to the Valkyrie link and I am impressed with the analysis and it’s saying on the sample I upload “no threat found” but with some potentially suspicious elements, so it’s not given it the green light, just orange with a question mark.

Interesting to see the VT link on Valkyrie, so when I click on it, it shows that all 55 vendors + Comodo show it as green / OK. Therefore, I cannot understand why Comodo are declaring the file OK on VT when both CIS and Valkyrie don’t recognise the file as being OK.

If anyone is interested, the file is
DesktopOK_x64.exe, I use it to re-adjust my desktop icons back to normal when switching resolutions / monitors.
SHA1: 050ae0feed836def792ed5315be5ef78e5873f91
MD5: 1e2e173decb5416a53dc4c10fcf7b36c

Just in case, to avoid confusion, analysis is not based on VirusTotal. Regarding VirusTotal, OK means that no threat was detected – either unknown or trusted.
As for the other part, I think that’s what they’re trying to do (shortening time of analysis) with Valkyrie. Do note that CIS does not have Valkyrie integration but CCAV does have it (at the moment).

Cavehomme & qmarius thanks for your input.

I have submitted the files on March 26 and at on April 10 the files are still Unknown. That is an long time. There must no difference in time to analyse in how the files are submitted (CIS vs Valkyrie services). CIS is the main security product at the pc, so why submitting online to Valkyrie servies, while by settings of the ratting scan the option are set by: cloud scanning, analyse unknown files by uploading into the cload for analyse