Question about the License etc.

Ok ok I’m new around here. I can’t get your comodo philosophy which gives it free. Okay it doesn’t matter. The main thing I’m coming with is a question - can I legally install free comodo firewall on all of the school PCs? I need a good firewall cause those integrated in windows and service packs are weak. The second thing are the other software companies and their free licenses only for private users. I’m waiting for reply :wink:

Comodo is free for personal and commercial use. So I think you can use it in your school :slight_smile: HTH :wink:

I hope so. BTW I like your community cause I see many people helping each other, and the way of acting isn’t so “formal”. As I’m a linux free open-source programs fan I wish you to keep it that way :slight_smile:

Yes. I like that too ! ;D You don’t have to be very strict. You can pick on Ganda for instance :smiley: Comodo’s forums are really friendly and I too hope it’ll stay that way.

P.S. But trolls sometimes should be prosecuted :smiley:

Oh - Welcome to the forums (:HUG) (:WIN)

Hi Lameismyname, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Commodus is right : Comodo is free for personal and commercial use :slight_smile: I hope you will like it here with us ;D

Greetz, Red.

Welcome! :smiley:

Comodo has one off the best Support Forums. The only real posts that are deleted are “spam”. Comodo accepts all users opinions, positive or negative, As long as Abuse stays out, You have the freedom to talk about anything, Something others don’t offer.

CFP 3 is great, As before free for Personal, Business & Professional use.