Question about Summary button menu where it says Traffic.


I run the firewall only(CIS version 3.9.95478.509). I turn off the anti-virus and defense thing because I don’t like those 2 features, I’m not really impressed with them. I love the firewall though.

In the Summary button menu where it says Traffic, why does it take so long for anything to show up there?
I run Avast free version and 90% of the time when I boot my system up and get on the Internet Avast has already completed its updating before anything shows up in the Traffic list. Avast doesn’t show up there at all if it gets done before things are listed there. Comodo firewall just seems to be slow with the Traffic list.

I would like to see the Traffic list speed improved.

Traffic monitor is not realtime, but rather averaged from the past 30 seconds I think.
Could one of the Devs correct me on this?

Ok, thank you.

I would like to see the Traffic list switched to real-time. It’s just a thought.

Greetingsl…I also have a question about the “Summary” button.

Mine indicates that the Application Agent is not running (exclamation point), and that I should run the diagnostics. The Comodo tray icon shows a red “not running” indicator.

However, the diagnostics state that the system is operating correctly.

I’ve run the virus checker, but I have no clue how to make Comodo happy.

Thanks for your help,


did you do an upgrade or a clean install?