Question about startup. [resolved]

When I start up in the morning, I get a pop up saying my PC is at risk Comodo is shut off. When

the Icon appears on the tray the pop up goes away and I get all systems are up and running.

Does Comodo not work during startup, or is there a setting for this?


Hi again, Larry (:WAV).

Check out my sig on the FAQ link (good place to bookmark):

System Tray Icon Tooltip - Firewall Being Initialized,2397.0.html,7055.0.html,7255.0.html

The Comodo driver is loaded before even Windows, so you’re protected from all incoming connections (even outgoing if you wanted, but that option is disabled by default to not slow down boot time).

Thanks again Soya (:WAV)

I appreciate your reply.

Guess I’ll be around on the forums, till I learn how to use and set up Comodo, then maybe I can help some other people. I like it much better than ZA, I think it offers better protection.

Have a good one.

Glad you like it. Hopefully this small bug will be fixed along with others in the next version.

Topic closed.