Question about setting up Firefox

I thought I had it correct the first time, but seems now to give me popups. I was wondering, under the policies how to setup Firefox since I dont see the Web Browser option as a choice. One Windows XP Home SP-2 pc has Firefox listed as an Installer or Updater for Comodo, my brothers laptop has Firefox listed as Trusted App (which I dont think is safe at all) and this Windows XP Prof SP-2 pc has it set as custom policy. The 1 pc and laptop dont get popups about tryin to run a download or remove it from the downloads box (ctrl + j).

Is there a specific setting I should use, so I have nice control and protection, but have the download box managed right so I dont have to allow Firefox to open the downloads?!

Other than that Comodo Firewall FTW! Oh, and does any1 know how I can get my Smartdrive U3 USB to not get Comodo to ask if I can run it, everytime I put it in my pc? or is that 1 of the security features to avoid issues?

_< hmm I have seemed to see the network policies and noticed that’s where Web Browser is listed. Is that what I should set Firefox, instead of custom policy as listed atm? What I was talking about above was the Policy in Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > what should Firefox be listed in there 2?

In other words, and I’m sorry for the confusion, what should Firefox be set as in the Network Security Policies and the Computer Security Policies? So that I can change Firefox on the 2 pcs and the laptop to be not annoying and protected?

IE and FF should b e set as browsers.

Ight, since I’m setting them to Web Browser in Network Policy does that affect what they are set in Computer Policy.
And do I just delete the IE and FF entries in Network Security Policy and Computer Security Policy or should I just change them manually?

What they are in the the firewall and D+ are 2 different things. Simply just change IE and FF to web browsers from the predefined policy’s. In D+ set them as trusted but they may go to custom also.

Alirght, thanks so much. Sorry for confusing you with all this, at the moment for D+ IE n FF are set to custom policy and if I look at the Access Rights > Everything is marked for Allow, except for Run as exe which is set at Ask. I’m just gonna leave them like that in D+ since it seems they would be the same if I added them as Trusted. If I’m wrong you can correct me.

Thanks alot (L)

Sounds good mate. Your AV & CFP 3 will stop viruses & spyware anyway if downloaded :slight_smile:

So your cool :wink: