Question about saving sessions/games from the sandbox

can i run a game or a program in the sandbox, then save it and keep or move the save to a location on my hard drive?

that would be an ideal protection for programs I dont really trust.

Technically yes, if you know where the save files are.

All fully virtualized sandboxed files are stored in the C:\VTRoot\ folder, to see this folder you need to enable showing hidden files/folders, some save files will be stored in your user folder, which can only be seen if you enable showing hidden OS/system files/folders. (Do note that the user folder would still be under the VTRoot folder)

the settings are “partly limted” but i still found the save file, that worked grate.

you should list this as a feature, it seems really useful! :slight_smile:

If you are running the sandbox as partially limited the save files aren’t supposed to be under VTRoot, they should be saved on the “real” system - That’s unless you manually sandbox the application by right-clicking it and clicking to run it in the sandbox, in that case it will run as fully virtualized.

thats what i did