Question about Running Avast with defence+

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I’m not sure of what is the best settings to use when running Avast free anti virus, Defence+ and comodo firewall. I’ve only installed the main basic file shield component of Avast. Is this all I would need to install? I assumed I wouldn’t need all the other realtime shields that come with avast. network sheild, script shield etc… as I am running defence+ and firewall. am I right in thinking this? also would having the basic avast real time protection file shield running conflict with defence+ as they seem to perform silmilar jobs.

all programs are up to date

Thanks, for any advice anyone can give me.

To run Avast AV and CFW alongside, you must :

in avast : set all CFW files in avast exceptions

in Defense+ : give all avast exe the status of installer/updater

Avast Free and Comodo Firewall & Defence+ is very popular combination. I find this combination to be light on my comp even when all components of Avast are installed.

  1. I think you should switch off Avast sandbox - the sandbox in Defence+ is better.
  2. You must have Avast real time protection file shield - there’s no any conflict with Defence+, they do different jobs. That real time protection file shield is the component of Avast you need - it replaces Comodo’s antivirus.
  3. As for other components of Avast you can have them installed or not. Network shield, Script shield and other components of Avast give additional protection without any conflict with Comodo Firewall & Defence+. They may slow down your comp but it depends.

Oh, okay, thanks alot guys. so is it a must to ad exclusions for defence+ in avast and vice versa? as i was not to sure how to do that.

I never do that and no problems.