Question about rulles in application Rules.

I decided i want to learn how to improve my controll over the Inward and outward communication my Firewall allows.
so by now i succeded in learn what ports are.
what IP is (as in Internet protocol and not just as in IP adress).
and what protocols: UDP, TCP and

but there are few things i have hard time figering it out so i can use some help.

does anyone can tell the what is:

IP subnet mask
Port Range.

also i noticed
that under “IP Details” Tab
you can choose option like
and so forth.
basically UDP
and IP are for excemple are two different protocols.
what am i suppose to make of
this IP+another protocol thing?

Thanks Everyone

When you have a rule based on subnet mask say for example IP address: subnet mask: then all IP address within are part of that subnet.

Hostname is a name of a given host machine so a rule based on hostname will apply to a device that matches its hostname.

Networkzone is the name of the zones you can create under network zones setting.

Port range is a range of ports e.g. 1-1024

IP details tab allows you to make a rule based on any of those listed protocols or define a custom protocol number