Question about restore points and CIS [Solved]

Hello there!

My question is as follows:
Does rolling back to a previous restore point have any negative effect on CIS folders/files/settings?

Today Microsoft released a bunch of new updates which unfortunately couldn’t install on my computer, due to a reason which is unknown to me. (:AGY)

I had to resort to a restore point. Now everything seems to be running just fine.

I know that restore points are about substituting only system files. I’m asking just to be on the safe side. (:HUG)

Any reply would be highly appreciated.


P.S. The diagnostic utility built in the CIS didn’t report any problem, so I assume everything is OK.

Everything May Be Ok,

Only Files Or Important Files I Would Say System Restore Would Affect Would Be The Services That Comodo Uses, But Since I Assume You Had CIS Before This Restore Point It Wouldn’t Affect It,

But I Would Purge Items/Files Located In Pending Review And Both Defense+ and Firewall Security Policies…

Did this help?


Of course it did.
Thank you very much!

You are most welcome Sergeant Sykes

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