Question about Private Information

I have some question about how firewall works against any way that can help prevent my computer private information being leaked out.

  1. Some ads (signature used by forumers) reveal my IP address, my geographical location (nearest but not exact), my browser info and even state that my harddisk is loading. (btw, I have comodo firewall installed). Can I configure my firewall to reject this kind of intrusion?

  2. Will connected to internet reveal my computer information such as my Vista user information, my hardware information by using I.E / Firefox?

Been a happy user of Comodo firewall for 2 years. It’s been great since version 3 came out, just the “DEFENSE” kinda annoying with pop ups, but overall it’s a great product =)

1.) Internet works in such way, you must connect to server with your IP address, and your IP can reveal from which country/location you are connected, BTW your fellows forumers can not see your IP from that “ads”, only you can see it (:WIN)

2.) Browser headers has nothing to do with firewalling, but there is appz which can change certain information about your browser etc., but it is not recommended using it because some sites cant work properly without those infos.

Hi Kaytse,i agree it is a bit unnerving when you go to some forums and you see something like:

Your IP is ###.###.##.### you are using ****** as your ISP and your browser is ++++

Good suggestions all welcome.At lest we know we have Comodo V3 that is some comfort


If you are currently logged in on this forum you will see your current IP address at the right down corner of your posts, If you don’t like to see your real IP address use some proxy server, you will then see IP address of that proxy server, it is only way to hide your real IP from web servers you visiting while browsing.