Question About Ports

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So here’s my issue. I want block or turn off ports 124 through 133. Despite searches on the web for this information it does seem to be available. Everyone talks about Zone Alarm. Do I uninstall Comodo Internet Security and switch to Zone Alarm? Am I expected to purchase Comodo Internet Security Pro to be able to block ports at will.

I’ve had my bells a whistles PC hard drive destroyed by a malicious hacker who only targets computers I’m using no one else in our house hold is affected. Which kinda makes this extremely personal.

Oh and in addition to my previous reply I tried using the messaging another member directly but I guess the fact the members name doesn’t stay in the box but get place below said box with a red box with an x in it to the right means that doesn’t work either.

I’ve published websites with forums included and never have I had the sort of issues your forum has presented me with.

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To block, I assume inbound traffic, on ports 124 to 133 you can follow these steps:

[ol]- Open the main CIS window.

  • Click Tasks in the upper-right corner.
  • Expand Firewall Tasks.
  • Click Open Advanced Settings.
  • Click Global Rules in the left menu of the new window.
  • Right-click anywhere in the list to the right and click Add | Alternatively click the arrow near the bottom and then click Add.
  • Use these settings for the rule:

[li]Action: Block

  • Protocol: TCP or UDP (Or just TCP or just UDP depending on your needs)
  • Direction: In
  • Description: I’d personally leave it blank.
  • Source Address: Type: Any Address
  • Destination Address: You can use “Any Address” I think but personally I use “MAC Address” and then type in my MAC Address.
  • Source Port: Type: Any
  • Destination Port: Type: A Port Range | Start Port: 124 End Port: 133
    Then click OK.[/li]
  • Move the rule above any Allow rules in the Global Rules list.
  • Click OK and you should be done.[/ol]

When the name goes below the input box it means it does work, the red box with a cross is to remove the user from the recipients list.

List of port numbers:

1025 - IIS, NFS, or listener RFS remote_file_sharing
1026 - LSA- or nterm - nterm remote_login network_terminal
1027 - IIS
1028 - ms-lsa
1034 - activesync-notify - windows mobile device activesync notifications

The port number I mentioned before were from memory.

You can use the instructions I added to my previous post but instead use a range of 1025 to 1028 and then make another rule that blocks the single port 1034.

I have split this from the original topic and moved it to a more appropriate part of the forum. It should receive much better visibility here. I hope that’s okay.