Question about Outpost

Hello. Did someone test Outpost Security Suite Free 2010 7.0.4 ?
And if somebody does - so how was that ?
Did this software act well ?
Thanx for any info and take care. :wink:

Languy99 tested Outpost Security Suite Free. Here is the link: Outpost Security Suite Free Test - YouTube

With all due respect but would somebody be so kind as to explain why agnitum gets a roasting for offering what appears to be a limited free product and yet it seems ok for other companies.
Ive gathered there is animosity between agnitum and comodo.
That has been made perfectly clear.
So in that respect i would gather the video in question to be rather biased in my opinion.

Here, as they are advertised :

“Outpost Security Suite FREE — The 1st Free Complete Internet Security Suite”

But I am pretty sure they are not first … or am I wrong?

No they are not the first.
I have myself in the malwarebytes forum spoken to a representative of the company and he emphasised the term “complete” but would not clarify the term any further.
So make of it what you will.
Its nowhere near as good as comodo that i do know.