Question about open ports in comodo firewall... [resolved]

Lets say that i have open the port 16558 for bitcomet at the network rules at comodo firewall When i close bitcomet the connections are passing through but the icmp messages are blocked. Isn’t this a security risk??? i mean that the packets are passing through isn’t any security risk for attacks??? outpost firewall for example is blocking those packets and the reason is “Packets to closed port”. Isn’t this better? ???

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Please someone that can answer me… :frowning:

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If you have closed Bitcomet and no other program is using that port, it should be closed. That’s how it works, and it works for me.
It’s often better to choose a high port number, so that’s no risk that other programs use it. 35000-65000 is fine.
When you don’t use the port from inside, it should be closed. I don’t know why it’s not closing the port on your PC…
Have you checked the activity/connections and see if it’s there? You have a close button there, so close it it you see it.

I don’t know if a reinstall or trying the lates beta would solve it, but you can try if you want.

Ports are stealthed. My mistake sorry…

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