Question about my system security configuration

Hello i am new to the forum
can someone help me with my system security configuration
At present i have

  • (OS)windows xp sp3
    (AV) Microsoft Security essentials
    (FW) Comodo FW with D+
    Malwarebytes and i have all the latest windows updates

You could use Sandboxie to sandbox your browser while online.

You could use this guide to set up the firewall.

Don’t run 2 real-time AV scanners at the same time. (Is your MalwareBytes real-time or on demand?)

Consider using disk imaging software to make backups of your hard drive in case of a disaster.
Paragon or Macrium are free for home use.

Could the one who really knows say what is better Sandboxie or Comodo’s Sandbox? I know that it’s possible to make Comodo’s Sandbox automatically sandbox any applications (better all internet applications - browsers, mail clients, …). Who knows which one is stronger?

Thank you :SML: :SML: :SML: :SML: :SML: :SML: :SML: :SML: :SML:
i use malwarebytes free edition ie on demand scanner
and thinking of using norton ghost or acronis true image for backups

I’m guessing they both do the job equally well, but Sandboxie is much more flexible and configurable.

For example, you can set it to only run your browser and nothing else. If a malware is loaded into the sandbox, it can’t run.
You can do the same for ‘internet access’…nothing can access the internet but the programs you specify.

Thank you for your answer.

Once I tried free Sandboxie. Am I right that in free Sandobxie one must start programs only through the Sandboxie menu. And it’s not possible to make automatic Sandboxie-ing?

No, it’s an on demand sandbox not an on access (automatic) one.

With the free version there’s an option to launch programs or files or folders by right clicking and choosing “run sandboxed”…like Comodo.
EDIT: Actually, Comodo doesn’t offer to sandbox files/folders by right clicking…only exes.

You can also choose to run Explorer sandboxed, which means you can go anywhere on your computer and you will be sandboxed. If you open a file, like a mpeg or jpeg, it will open in a sandboxed player or viewer, so in a way it is automatically sandboxed.
You just have to get used to navigating through you computer through a sandboxed Explorer.

With the free version, you launch your default browser from a desktop icon, instead of the actual browser icon, so in a way you could say it’s automatic.

The paid, version gives you unlimited sandboxes that you can set to launch automatically, which is nice if you are worried about malware opening certain programs without your input…but then again you have CIS to protect you.