Question about internal settings before trying

I’ve been balled-n-chained to IE because I have yet to find another browser that offers the same level of tweaking (control) as IE. Meaning, with ActiveX for example, IE gives you control over 11 individual settings and with Java, another 6. Other browsers that I’ve checked put those 11 (and 6) settings into one option - enable everything or disable everything. That alone is a huge security hole because most of the ActiveX settings should never be enabled. Also, if you know how something is being transferred, you can temporarily disable an individual component in IE until a patch is released. I never understood why other browser developers don’t find this feature important. I hope Comodo does - I’m tired of the ball-n-chain. Are these options available now in CD or hopefully in the near future? Thanks.

On a side note. Most other browsers don’t support Active X. Only one or two with multiple engines support Active X.