Question about Intel graphics drivers

Hi everyone. This maybe a strange question, but is their a way to install the update drivers for Intel 82945g express chipset family without installing Intels Graphics Media Accelerator ( GMA) with it? Thanks for any replies. Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks ,

Probably you know all that and been there :slight_smile: , but anyway…

I would suggest to check few things in the 1st place

1) Intel has a very good Auto-detection Software.
I used it may times. After running it you will have set of suggestions re: outdated drivers. Download just those you need

2) Then, there is a good community support forum, say Graphics & Cipsets
Find more appropriate section if you want. There are very experienced helpers there like Mark H [at] Intel and others

I’m sure if you will formulate your Q stating why you want to avoid GMA, but need other drivers - you will get a professional answer


Hi to you SiberLynx.
1)Yes and thankyou.
2)Did not think of their forum and I will check it out. Thanks

Regarding reasons. I have tried it and it appeared to use more Ram, and had no positive effects on the system. It also does add more startup programs, and Imo causing slightly slower boot. I think when I get around to upgrading Ram that it may be worth another try. I know startup programs can be disabled or removed. I know this is no real big issue, but just to add new drivers does seem unnecassary to add more programs that appear to give no benefit. Thanks again and Kind regards.


Try it… an see below

Could be true, especially with on-board cards. Those usually are using shared memory.
At the same time you may have quite a set of advantages re: performance / some bugs fixes and additional support of new features. Sure all depends on your needs. Say, gamers are more “sensitive” about all that

Indeed! regarding the latter statement - in 99.9% most of those startups by graphic cards can be avoided.
As for other methods in order ease system startups / memory use / etc …
I hope that you are aware of Black Viper plus have a look and examine not only those system services as well
Currently I do have ~76 of those spare thingies disabled on XP and a less on Win 7 (need further fine tuning… but I don’t use that system as a working one , so I/not very concerned at this point)


To SiberLynx. Thanks for your replies and suggestions. I have Blackviper bookmarked, and been experimenting with their suggestions. I haven’t checked Intels forum yet but I will get around to it sometime. Thanks and Kind regards to you.

Do not rush - do it slowly step-by-step giving a time for testing as much Software as you can after any changes
I am sure that as a result you’ll have a better performed PC … leaving aside that most of those spare unneeded “Little & Soft” services still can be a security threats

Take care … tell later how it goes


To SiberLynx.
I have not really got around to reading much about Intel and GMA yet, but I have been playing with the services. I have got the system down to 28 running processes at idle, I can’t remember the amount it started with. It does feel responsive and no error logs. I will continue to play with the services it is good learning what they are for, and I most likely will install GMA and have a play with it also. Thanks again and Kind regards.

Hey Captain :slight_smile:

I think you need to download the right drivers so GPU is working properly if the processor isn’t working as gpu (as in the i3 cores when it says integrated “intel graphic HD” or whatever it’s called.)

Can you tell me what model you have and what processor you have?

Valentin N

Thanks for the reply captainsticks,

I’m glad that is helped …
well , you did a good job having just 28 I have 32 … :smiley:


p.s. [at] Valentin
Please pay attention to the essence of a question (here or there… instead of just posting)
In this case due to the point of the initial request and further discussion - it doesn’t really matter what kind of graphic card / GPU is in place

I missed the first post. sorry

To SiberLynx- I’ll keep you posted of any other changes I do thanks.

To Valentin- Graphics, Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family
Processor, Intel Pentium D 3.4GHz
Is this what you mean?

All is working well Valentin I just couldn’t see the advantages of update drivers for Graphics installing GMA along with them, but as SyberLynx said I may only notice improvement during gaming.
Kind regards.
Edit- Typo

If your drivers are working well as they are and you don’t want the bundled GMA then really no point in installing the updates.

I’d say a good 90% and up of graphics driver updates are to improve game performance, and if you’re not a gamer really no need to keep up with the latest update especially if the cuirrent version is giving you no issues.

My view on GMA is that it really isn’t necessary, I suppose it is a nice tool for gamers but again if you’re not a gamer no need for it, as said above it’s just another process running and using your system resources.

hope this helps,

To Justin. Thanks for input, all is working well so I will most likely leave it be. Thanks and kind regards.