question about installation mode [resolved]

hey all,
im running cis 3.5.57173.439 and i have a question about installation mode.

im about to start installing adobe cs3 again and since its a long install, can i put cis in installation mode for an extended period of time ?

cuz i always get the period dialog box that has a 30 second countdown that asks me if i want to stay in installation mode. that lil prompt is annoying if im doing a long installation.

please let me know. thank you all.

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Yes, the prompt is annoying. But if you just ignore it CIS will stay in installation mode.

if i ignore the message, cis will stay in installation mode? really? i thought after the countdown it switches back to normal mode.

yep. if you ignore it, CIS will stay on installation mode :slight_smile:

sweet! i didn’t know that… :slight_smile:

thanks all.

you didn’t know installation mode or you didn’t know that i’m sweet? 88) ;D
i’m gonna lock this topic & mark it as resolved.
PM any online mod if you wish to reopen this topic. :■■■■