Question About HIPS

My teacher’s laptop broke the other day due to a nasty virus that went through the school network. I’m planning on installing Comodo Firewall but he’s not that good with knowing his programs because most of the programs are those bundled with the drivers so he would be very confused on which to allow and which to block. My question is, if I set it to not show popup alerts and to allow requests, will it still block processes/files that it classifies as threats or will it allow it?

You want to set it to allow all?

Ask him what programs he uses, allow them while he can watch and good. For the rest tell him how he can allow things that he chooses to run.

You shouldn’t do this as malicious activity will be allowed as well.

If the PC is clean from viruses then you can do the following. To reduce the amount of popups you should make quick scan then make rating scan and trust all unknown files.

Okay, I’ll try that out.