question about google chrome

Hi there
I wonder if can help me
I tried ti install google chrome but every time your real time scanner comes up with this google updater being suspicious
/application data/google/update/download/BIT32.tmp
as heur. suspicious@19
also the update register key is taged with it
then it just fails to down load
is this a false positive

This is a False Positive.
Please report it as per this.

I am new to this Eraser after my other product did not support GOOGLE CHROME.

I liked the look of COMODO and have thus downloaded the free version to see what it is like… HOWEVER, for whatever reason when I clean with COMODO it is NOT erasing my history, files or temp folders etc that are in GOOGLE CHROME!

Am I correct in my understanding that COMODO does support Google Chrome ?

Are you using Comodo System Cleaner to clean history etc?

yes, I am trying to do that.

Is it because the BROWSER IE is showing as IE from Dell? … have I to put in that field Chrome?