Question about folders

So doing some scans and checking on my system I came across a folder:
C:\ProgramData\Comodo Downloader

In this folder there are some different folders which I cannot see any pattern based on systems. The folders are 5020, 5035, 5040, 5050 and 5080. What do these folders mean? Example I have two Windows 10 systems, one has 5050 while the other has 5050 and 5080

And then my last question, can the “Comodo Downloader” folder just be deleted?


Those represent different versions of CIS that you installed using the online installer or through program updates. You can probably delete the older ones as 5080 seems to point to the latest version. If you look at the release topic for the online setup URLs you will notice 5080 in the URL path.

Thanks for the information futuretech. So I was baffled by the differences in my machines and so based on the information you provided I went ahead and did a test and it solved it.

If you download and use the installer then the folders are created. But if you then just update through the Comodo program then the folder is not created. My Windows 10 system for example at the time of doing a clean install Comodo version was the current and I installed that one creating folder 5050.

Then the update was released to version and I updated via the program, but the folder 5080 was not created. So I just downloaded the installer for and ran it and then the 5080 folder was created. Makes sense now that my other systems which I have not downloaded the updates have folders only of 5020, 5035 and 5040 and no folders of 5050 nor 5080.

Thanks futuretech for your explanation and your help.