Question about Email and virus protection


This might be a dumb question but does CAV scan emails as they are received in the in-box? or are they handled a different way? or do I need a different application to handle email scanning. I had been using Avast before and I always knew when my email was being scanned but I have no indication with CIS. I am currently using the latest version of CIS 4.1.

Thanks for any reply

From my understanding nothing is scanned until it is being loaded into memory. Thus nothing can actually infect your computer and no extra resources are used.

This means that anything in emails won’t be scanned until you go to execute it. You don’t need another program specifically to scan emails. You’re already protected.

Let me know if you’re still concerned. Thanks.

Not true Comodo does not scan emails and when you open an infected email, comodo does nothing, it does not even know a virus is now operating on your mail system. You only find out when everyone in your address book gives you hell for sending them a virus.
In the last month i have had two people using Comodo come to me asking how to get rid of a virus because Comodo, Malwarebytes, and Iobit anti-malware do not detect it. 3 more who have McCaffee and Symantecs Norton internet security have also had this get through.

This is the Viagra email virus, which is very old. Is there a new varient doing the rounds?

Any Data movement to & from your disk or memory is scanned, this is not to say the virus in question wasn’t missed by the scan.
Now if there is something like this that Comodo did not protect you from it would be greatly appreciated for you to supply as much information about its actions as possible, so a remedy can be put into action. Thankyou.