Question about EasyVPN

I use that Windows Messenger (:SAD) to help some peeps remotely, but sometimes they have the services and such disabled and then I have to walk them through the phone or an IM to get the services checked and if needed enabled again. Is there a feature that scans for the services required to have remote desktop help work or is this EasyVPN based differently that they dont really matter?

It’s different - it uses it’s own encrypted tunnel.

Hmm, so say if I had EasyVPN and a friend wanted me to remote desktop him and I told him to install EasyVPN and helped him setup then I could without worrying about him turning off the services that Windows Messenger uses? Cause the biggest issue is that alot of peeps googled XP tweaks and most of them tell you to disabled the remote features needed for WM to work correctly.


Oh that’s awesome, I’m gonna have to give it a try it see how it goes

I hope you read this before you try it out. I may have engaged my mouth before putting my brain in gear. :wink:

I based my previous answer of “Correct” on that fact that I have run EasyVPN on my test system which has had the Windows RDC disabled. I’ve just found out that my son had re-enabled it to do some testing of his own and hadn’t disabled it again.

I’ll try and make some time to re-test this again and will post the results back here.

Sorry if I’ve jumped the gun.

Ewen :frowning:

no problem, I’ll still take a look into it. If it does require the process then I’ll just add some comment about a scan during install to the wishlist. Thanks for the update.

Could someone explain what this software is supposed to do? As I understand it, it (the software) is supposed to create a secure virtual LAN connection from another network over the Internet. (like I was inside of my home network able to see and change and use my networks resources) If so I must not be configuring it correctly, as I cannot connect to my network drive while on another (away from home) wireless connection… if that is the case can someone provide instructions???