Question about Dragon/IceDragon

I’m looking for a new browser and I’m wondering which Comodo browser will play video from Hulu - Amazon - Netflix - HBO Go - Youtube - Twitter - and random sites like Comedy Central.

I’m losing faith in Firefox and Chrome (really hate Chrome) but the last time I tried Dragon it wouldn’t play video from some, or all, of the sites listed above.

I’ve heard that Vivaldi plays all video, and it’s based on Chromium, which is what Dragon is built on - correct?


It still can’t play… and this problem is still exist. So Dragon is not your choice.

Yes, you are right. Vivaldi using the Chromium core just like Dragon, Yandex, Chromodo, Google Chrome, Opera etc.

You can go with IceDragon, but it has slow developmen as well. I suggest you try browsers which constantly evolving (nowadays Opera & Vivaldi) :-TU