Question about Defense+

What happens when I turn Defense+ off? What kinda of protection do I lose and will not be safe anymore or is that like a setting changes feature type of thing? Also when I try to play a game cd such as Starcraft or Diablo 2 or anything it gives me a popup with the Defense+ that asks if its allowed or blocked etc and when I say its allowed and remember it just keeps spinning the cd and reasking me. Is there anyway that I can set my games like Starcraft, Diablo 2, and WoW so I dont keep getting popups that are slowing it down?!

And when I use spybot or adaware or superantispyware or avgantispyware they take twice as long to scan cause every file they scan Defense+ adds a rule for it. So does that mean everytime I get a new update and it starts scanning again, I will have to watch Defense+ add rules all over? ???

Also BTW, I’m not sure if this is a bug or not. I tried Comodo v.3 last night and to see how it was and then I uninstalled it to see what happened. And inside my Windows Security Center it says that my firewall was ok, Comodo Firewall Pro is running. How is it running if I uninstalled it and restarted computer? So I checked windows firewall back on until I reinstall Comodo, but im just wondering what happened

Had a similar problem while running a full scan with Avast. After warnings kept coming up (seemingly every few files scanned), I checked Avast as a “Trusted Application” and the remainder of the scan went well. I’m going to test the same thing out with AVG Anti Spyware, and you may want to try with AdAware and/or Spybot. Good luck.

I have done that with AntiVir and it seemed that it needed to add update as well cause it wouldnt autoupdate anymore.

The protection offered by D+ is that it blocks the execution of anything untrusted. For a virus, not only would CFP deny network access, it would prevent it from running at all.

D+ can get noisy when running programs that were not installed before CFP. But there are ways to make it easy, read the CFP help file, from the first page go to “Understanding Alerts”, then read under “How Should I answer the Defense+l Alerts?” When running new programs you want to allow in the future, switch to Training mode temporarily, that’s what it’s for.

As for the updaters of antiviruses etc., any programs that you trust and will be modifying files everyday, answer with “treat as installer/updater” and remember, that way you won’t be asked again. That’s what I did with AntiVir’s update.exe.