Question about Defense+ [resolved]

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I installed Comodo firewall, but I just have a propallid: I have a soft who manages the cache memory, and therefore Comodo considers it of trust, but this soft (“CleverCache”) wants to manage memory who occupy Comodo, and therefore Comodo blocks the access of this soft to this memory!!! How is that Comodo lets this soft manage his memory??? ???

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What you see is a self defense mechanistic.

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Hi mate, yes i know that, but how can i let Clevercache access to memory of Comodo firewall?

I don’t think you can do such thing.

Valentin N

You can make an exception in Protection Settings. Comodo Help

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ok but i dont know how process!!
Can you put me the way point per point please?? THX :wink:
its cfp.exe

You will have to edit the group Comodo Internet Security.

Open Computer Security Policy, select Comodo Internet Security and click on Edit…. Use a Custom Policy should be checked. Click on Customize. The tab Protection Settings. Click on Modify to add an exception for Interprocess Memory Access.

ok, but when i open interprocess memory access, i push on modify and???
Is it not better to directly click on inactive or i must create an execption?
or must i do an exception for clevercache( and select clevercache.exe)?

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I would make an exception for CleverCache only. Click on Add, Browse…. Select to clevercache.exe.

The protection is there for a reason, so don’t disable it. :wink:

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I think its good like that:

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Have you remove the other 3 entries as this may cause problem.

See the screenshot here for what I mean about the other entries.;msg469170#msg469170