Question about Defense+ and the pending files

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Question- Why is it that I am still seeing Pending files when I have defense+ plus to inactive, did not do the installation scan, did not set up the leak detection feature and I have gone into defense+ settings and UNCHECKED every one of the boxes. I burned a CD and had 3400 pending files. How is that so and how do I stop it. I only desire to have the basic firewall…I use other programs to stop malware infestation.

Suggestion-You could simplify the whole process by making two separate versions of CPF…1 with ONLY a basic firewall (PLEASE!) and the second with the additional protections…kinda like how ZA does it with ZA and ZA PRO.

Your help and your free products are greatly appreciated (R)

By the way…CPF passed all the shields up tests with all of CFP 3’s versions in BASIC FIREWALL MODE…awesome


If you want only the firewall then when you installed Comodo you should have selected basic firewall without D+. If you do not want D+ then you need to deactivate it which requires a reboot. Go into Proactive Defense and selected deactivate.

I did only select basic firewall…the glitch appears to be in the “inactive” status of defense+. Even though it says it’s inactive it is still adding files to the pending files list.

However, I think I finally stopped it by changing the defense+ slider to DISABLED. The default setting is “train with safe mode”. WHen I moved the slider to DISABLED it appears to have finally stopped defense+ completely.

Thanks for your reply

As a long term user of Zonealarm Pro (as licenses expire I’m moving to CFP3; three machines so far), I too have a question about Defense +. My need is for a robust firewall only which Comodo Firewall Pro 3 certainly seems to be. But when I both disable and deactivate Defense +, I still accumulate pending files I have to deal with.

I’m curious if there is a way to stop this accumulation. Since this happens on all three machines, I don’t think it’s a bug.

Any suggestions guys?

Thanks for any help or suggestions. Admittedly I’m a real noob on CFP3.

If you dont want pending files move the D+ slider to Train with Safe Mode. In clean pc you will always have pending files. Leave D+ on.

I don´t understand, if Im running in Training mode/with safe I still see 2892 pending files… after testing CFP for about an hour, just checking the menus and this forum.

They seem to have appeared only because I ran the Defense+ scan at install. Many system files.

At my other computer I didnt run the scan and the pending files are 0.

I don´t understand the point with all this?

Dont worry about it just purge them and remove them. You are talking about that you have D+ in train with safe mode correct? Just like the firewall. If you just installed Comodo the default setting for D+ is clean pc mode which gives you pending files. Those files where probably there before you switched over to train with safe mode.