Question about configuration and alerts

Hello, I installed win7 recently and switched to comodo from zone alarm because of some problems. I find comodo really nice this far, but I really need some help. I have set firewall behavioral settings to “safe” and “medium” in their respective tabs. What I really need to do, and can’t seem to be able to, is make comodo alert me each time a new program wants to have access online, which the ZA could do flawlessly. That means that when I install a new program application, I want comodo to ask me whether it should gain web access, and save my configuration. Currently it partially ask me, it seems quite random. For example, it asked me whether I would like live messenger to have access, but not blizzard update/starcraft. I need it to be able to do this for every new program and me being able to possibly tweak it in the future. Just for new programs, I dont want it to ask me every time I run it.

thanx for ur help


In safe mode all the applications on the whitelist , or on the TVL will be allowed (outgoing traffic). Only unknown applications will be asked.
To ask (outgoing) to every application set it to “custom policy”, in “general settings”.

Hope this will help i am not sure if this answers your question.


where is the whitelist or the TVL?

So, I can set it to custom policy, but I think it will ask me every time for every single application, and not just 1 time and set it there forever, at least I think this was the case. I will surely give it a try. See, I want to configure a program to have access(or not) online, and be done with it, not having to give permission/deny every time I run it. Maybe the"create rules for safe applications" is something i might want to use iwth “custom policy” ?

thanx for ur time

edit: actually I read this Comodo Help and I think that the custom policy +making applications trusted or untrusted might give me the results I want, what do you think?

When you get the firewall pop up choose “allow” or “block” and “remember my answer” (screenshot).
See this Comodo Help. (firewall alerts, middle of the page)
Did this help?


PS- In “network security policy” , “application rules”, you can edit and add everything.

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Oh thank you very much that was pretty much everything I needed, being able to adjust my preferences on programs when I want to! So ill keep custom policy to make sure I get asked every single time on new applications(i still havent figured out whether safe mode lets everything pass!), and I will tweak certain programs through the panel you showed me. thanx again

You’ve probably already found this article, but just in case…

You are welcome :).
Safe mode will only alert you when is an unknown application (outgoing).It is a safe application, like i said, being in the whitelist and TVL (“DEfense+”, “computer security policy”, “trusted software vendors”).

But remember If it is an incoming connection, you will always be alerted, even if it is a safe application. “Firewall” “stealth ports wizard” ,“alert me …”. It is on by default.

Enjoy the article ;D. It is very useful.


thanx all! im reading the article right now… I dont want to set to proactive mode cause I found that ill lose all of my current program configurations for which i spent quite some time to set. Think thats gonna be a problem? i will change other stuff to what the article suggests though

That sentence made me wonder about something.

I changed my config. to Internet Sec. and made some changes to the settings
…I re-booted…went back to check if I had lost my Proactive setting and they
were the same… switched back to Internet…they still had the changes I had made.

So you won’t lose your setting when you switch back and forth.

As for which is better? If you read through the forum long enough you
will find that Proactive is the most secure.

If you go to this thread…
and download the PDF at the bottom of the first post, you will see that the
“experts” believe that Proactive is the way to go.

So if you can’t live with Proactive you can just switch back.

if i set it to proactive, or internet mode, my application rules reset to comodo default, and I have to set them all over again. If i activate firewall mode back again, my application rules are set like they were since the beggining(defining them a couple of days now). all i really want is to block/allow access of programs do i really need proactive mode and go through this hassle all over again ?

I’m sorry, you’re talking about “rules” for individual programs and I’m talking about “settings” for Comodo.

I apologize.

Yes, when you switch over to a different configuration you will have to make new “rules”.

If you can’t be bothered with that then just keep doing what you’re doing.

Personally, when I see people who know much more than I do, recommending the “proactive” config.
I take their advice.
But that’s just me.

Take care.

I didnt want to ignore your advice, just asking whether it was worth it. Your response looks somewhat offensive, nevertheless I am grateful for ur help.

I looked it up in the site a bit, and im a bit confused though, I have installed firewall only and from what im reading its like proactive is used for the complete suite only, but can be set as an option in the menu.

I have a similar problem.
Right now I’m with Firewall configuration.
And I’m really lazy to set all firewall rules all over again if I change configuration.

So, if say I change configuration to Internet security , what changes are exactly made ?
Is it ‘behind the scenes’ or you can set those changes manually via different option settings in configuration ?
Same goes for Proactive.