Question about compact function

How does this option work? Is it a registry defragmenter? And if not, are you going to introduce a defragmentation tool too?
Thanks for any reply.

Defragger is under development, Yes. :slight_smile: This is only a Registry Cleaner… More Utilities to come!! :wink:


oh so the “compact” option is not the same with defragmenter? ???

Nope. It only “compacts” the Registry, Not entire Disk.


yeah i know that. i mean CRC compact is not the same with registry efragmenter? ??? like for example NTREGOPT
(NT registry optimizer)

yea…i thought is was like NTREGOPT…

Not sure…

Hope some Staff can respond.


CRC compact = registry defragger (like NTREGOPT) (:WAV)

COMPACT and DEFRAG are synonymous (:NRD) :■■■■