Question about comodo's AV database.

#1 Does Comodo test out the AV before signature updates are downloaded by users? (If they are maybe they need to expand the test files since there are often fp’s on common apps)
#2 Are Important files whitelisted and cannot be detected as FP such as run32.dll and explorer.exe ?


Yes important system files should not become victim of FP detections, that should be overwritten by CIS and they will be placed on the “Safe Files List” automatically if that would happen.


Hi Kyle,

  1. Before updates are released, we do extensive false-positive checking.
  2. Some time we have seen FPs in non-English OS system files, we are trying to cover those versions fully.
    In general you should not see FPs in English OS files as we cover that fully. Even if FP is caused on system file, CIS will not delete it and add to my own safe list.


Thank you Umesh :slight_smile: