Question About Comodo cleaning essentials

Let me explain step by step and the end I write my question
1.Download Comodo Cleaning Essentials 1.6 in my desktop comodo from my desktop
4. waiting to updating
5. Do a Full Scan
6. end with the scan and
7. detect 2 treats mailicious " but never say is virus, spyware something"
8. click in (Disinfected) and appear a little windows ask me do a restart " yes or no"
9. I click NO and the comodo icon is going to startup taskbar and there I click exit.
10. now procced to delete comodo cleaning essentials from my desktop

Here’s my question

The 2 treats are detected are still in my computer ?

Thank you.

What is your question here? Did you run CCE or another scanner again and did these two files show up again?

no is not there again I do a full scan and the results are 0 treast

Then they are gone. Nothing to worry about.