Question About CFP V3 & Windows Vista !

Hi Guys,
Was talking to a friend of mine at work the other day & were discussing computers & security software . We talked about CFP V3 a lot he said that he had it until recently & liked it a lot , but had to unistall it because when he installed New Windows updates , Defense+ messed with them & wouldn’t let then install properly . so he ended up uninstalling CFP V3 . Just wondering if this is a bug with CFP V3 or Vista ? By the way he uses Vista Home Premium . Thanks for any input on this .


There was a problem with some Vista Windows updates in version that was fixed in version The CFP bug would not allow the installation of some updates. Windows Defender and many other updates worked fine; a bunch of those that required a reboot had problems. I have not had a problem since the update.

Hi Sded ,
Thanks for the quick and informative reply ! I am currently using Kaspersky Internet Security Version 7 , but my subscripton runs out in a few months and was looking at maybe going with some Free Security programs . I think that i have found the best Firewall (free or paid) , but do you have any suggestions about what Free antivirus & antispyware programs work well with CFP V3 ?


I have been an Avast! users for some time. Has all the features, and seems to be the most transparent updater-sometimes several times a day. Also has by far the most informative forum of the bunch. AVG has a lot of fans and is probably the most used; Antivir has gotten good publicity lately too. All work very well in Vista and with CFP3. As far as antispyware, I just started using SUPERantispyware and think it is a bit more usable than Ad-Aware 2007 or Spybot. But except for the real time aspects of Spybot (Teatimer seems to cause some problems) there are many CFP3 users of all of these. If I had to pick one at the moment, I would go with the SUPER. You can browse this forum by the names of other security programs, but there are actually only a few that have conflicts with CFP3-the usual problem of all these security applications protecting themselves from each other and trying to use the same system features to do it. :wink: BTW, to see what some of the more advanced users favor, the polls at Broadband Reports ( are fairly informative.