Question about Beta

Hi All,
I installed the Beta last night, and all seems fine. It’s definitely an improvement on the latest release build :smiley:
My question is this. I have 3 user accounts on my XP Home edition pc. On the administrator account, CPF runs fine. On the 2 restricted user accounts, Windows reports that there is no firewall running. I checked CPF, and it shows it is active. I restarted my pc twice, but this still occurs. I’m really not too worried, because I can see that CPF is running, but this didn’t happen with the latest release version.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

This appears to be a hiccups in how WMI is reported across user accounts. They fixed the fast user switching issue, but this may have gotten under their radar.

Does anyone out there know if the WMI repository is global, or if it is built for each user account?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Unsure here but , I was under the impression that it was for each and NOT global . bet I am wrong though . lol

Unfortunately, I’ll bet you’re right! :wink:

Hey egemen, this needs to be fed back to the developers - Win Security Centre is only reporting a firewall as present under the installation account. Firewall remains active if user is switched, but new user apparently gets a new repository which doesn’t contain CPF info.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies! :smiley:
I’ll continue using the Beta build, as I don’t see this as a tremendous problem, and so far the Beta’s a real improvement performance wise. Do any of you know of a timetable to introduce the next official release?

Just like a baby - it’ll be ready when it’s here and it’ll be here when it’s ready. :wink: I’d rather they take a fraction longer and get it right.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks panic,
I gotcha ::slight_smile: I guess it doesn’t hurt to want an early Christmas present ;D

Yes. It seems we have a bug there.

Ok spoke with the nurse, the baby might come in about 2 weeks after a final beta next week :slight_smile:


Does anyone know when the final version will be released???


I believe the final beta version is released tommorow, which will become a stable release in around two weeks or less.


Well the beta is ready… but I think due to some holidays etc… release will be done on Thursday…


Aww Melih you make us wait so long lol.