Question about Avira n Comodo AV

Alright, I’m having a slight problem with a few peeps on this computer when I’m not home. I use Avira Free and Comodo Firewall for protection but when I leave and come back, my bros n his friends find a way to disable the Avira Guard from his Limited Account on Windows XP Prof SP-3. I come back n they always have this BestShopping or something bullsh*t addon in Firefox and the Guard is disabled and I have 2 log into my account to activate the service again, which is set to Automatic but the Guard from the tray icon is grayed out.

I was wondering can they also do that if I use the Comodo AV n Firewall combo, which I used once on my aunts pc but the person that lives with her formatted it cause he couldnt get around CAV when I installed it cause he didnt have the password.

Any idea how they are disabling services, especially the Avira Guard from his Limited Account? Cause it is making me insane having to start it the service from my account n then uninstall/delete that bogus BestShopping addon ■■■■

Well then why don’t you use both Avira and CIS (AV included). I’ve been running them both side by side without any conflict. Use CIS with password protected parental control on. That is it.

Peace. ;D

Check out: Configuring CIS for Maximum Security with ZERO Alerts for Novices.

Just tell mum or dad what he is doing. ;D

alright thats a nice setup, the way I setup it on another pc. But now im wondering since I used avira and had Comodo firewall without the suppresses, if I use this could I just have the CAV suppress popups n leave the firewall/defense+ unsuppressed like I used to, will CAV take care of whatever they tried to install w/o warning? since, I have the firewall installed does this mean I need to uninstall completely to add CAV or can I add from Add/Remove Programs or from running the setup again.

Thanks for the response, love the time of response usually have 2 wait til the next day, just like I think gonna happen with the avira forum question I added them earlier, still no response

lol, I would but he is older than that like 26, n he just isnt computer savvy and his friends believe they are so they decide to ■■■■■ around. I just keep the pcs in my house up 2 par but need a way to stop them from deactivating the guards on AV software.

Hey, Yes you can acheive that →
Comodo → Antivirus → Settings
You can choose what the AV will do when it catches a threat, I wouldn’t recommend putting it on quarantine automatically in case of False positives…

If you wanted to make this safer then I suggest you do a full scan of your pc first and put any of the fp’s in the exclusion list at the end of the scan or report them to comodo to correct the mistake.

In my honest opinion though… I don’t think you should put comodo with auto delete\ quarantine… Quite risky if you ask me since they have alot of FP’s at this early stage.

until comodo comes out with the time machine program, use microsoft steadystate. that way if anything happens like a infection occurs all you do is “shutdown without saving anything” (or you could choose to saveit if you want to

feel free to read about it, you can use that until comodo comes out with the time machine.