Question about Auto-Sandbox's 'Target and 'Reputation'

My question is that if the Target column has a file-group such as “All Applications” and if to it the corresponding Reputation is “Malicious” (as is the case with the rule which comes with the installation), will the rule apply only to those files among all applications which are malicious, or, how does it work?

Because, how it appears for the rule I have set: Target: C:\Program Files\SoulseekQT/SoulseekQT.exe, the Reputation ‘Any’ looks redundant.

I looked up the Auto-Sandbox user-guide and got the answer to the first question. But still, for individual applications the Reputation column is redundant. Maybe a ‘-’ or a blank would be better.

No, the reputation is meant to be specific in how a rule is applied. For example if you made an ignore rule for an application that has an unrecognized rating, but then the application become malicious, then the rule to block malicious applications would come in affect and protect you. Or if you always want a trusted application to be sandboxed, you would create a rule that applies to when the rating is trusted, but could have a different rule to ignore or block the same application when it become unrecognized. Remember rules are processed in the order they are listed with the top most rule having the highest priority.

Oh, thanks.